The horror in Homs – Channel 4 News

av Hans G Andersson den 23 februari 2012

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”Mani”, a photographer who has been to Homs several times, lived through and filmed the beginning of the assault, the effects on the population, and the response of the Free Syrian Army to the massacre, on the first day, of over 140 people.

While the world has become used to grainy shaky and gruesome footage and images from Homs fed through whatever internet connection is available, Mani’s crystal clear and incredible footage gives perhaps the clearest and most frightening account of what Homs has been like for the past three weeks.

via The horror in Homs – Channel 4 News

Vilka bilder i Channel 4:s rapportering från Homs… Har vad jag kan minnas aldrig sett något liknande. Hoppa till ca 2:10 in så börjar den delen.

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